About Certified Document Destruction and Recycling, Inc.

Certified Document Destruction and Recycling, Inc. (CDDR) is locally owned in Rochester, NY, and has been serving Central and Western New York since 1974 with a focus on document and information destruction service for our clients.

Our solutions are not one size fits all; we tailor our information destruction services to meet your unique requirements. That’s why we provide a free assessment to develop a customized solution for you and your business.

We fully comply with the terms and conditions promoted under HIPAA set forth in the Business Associate Agreements for organizations that are Covered Entities or possess Protected Health Information.

Our 40,000-square-foot facility, located in Rochester, NY, is a high-security plant that houses a full range of state-of-the-art equipment for document shredding, bailing, and computer and electronics recycling.

Our modern fleet of mobile shredding and secure collection trucks is second to none in Central and Western New York.

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Environmentally Responsible

  • Align your organization with a company that employs environmentally responsible practices.
  • All materials that can be recycled are!
  • E-waste is processed according to environmental regulations.
  • All confidential materials that cannot be recycled are incinerated for ultimate destruction and energy production.
  • We operate trucks that are fueled by CNG (compressed natural gas) that reduce harmful emissions.

CDDR continues to add vehicles fueled by natural gas. Natural gas is clean, quiet and is produced here in North America.

At Certified Document Destruction and Recycling, we believe in doing our part to help America establish a balanced, sustainable energy future. We share the growing optimism that natural gas represents an important resource to help move our nation forward and achieve energy, economic, and environmental goals.

Keep your eyes on the road and you may see one of our natural gas trucks in your area very shortly.

CNG trucks are clean-burning vehicles that emit 95% less particulate matter and 90% less carbon monoxide than comparable diesel-fueled vehicles.

Service Areas

Certified Document Destruction and Recycling proudly serves customers throughout western and central New York, including Buffalo NY, Syracuse NY, Utica NY, Corning NY, and Elmira NY.

If you don’t see your area mentioned, please contact us, as we are always happy to discuss expanding our service area.